We are experts in marketing activities integrated.

We are a company that engages in marketing activities. To stimulate sales for brands and products
and offer services that can meet the needs of customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Business and Services
we serve customers Both in the form of sales staff, marketing promotion activities and sales in all channels, including Modern Trade, Traditional Trade, our activity strategy is to create customer satisfaction by building a relationship. plus to boost sales
Proactive activity model for stimulating and opening sales. by helping to promote sales that match the target group both selling products new store opening product check and arranging products to meet the needs of customers This will develop your brand and drive sales even further.
Carrying out marketing activities that are focused on bringing brand awareness to consumers. Emphasis is placed on participation through a creative strategic perspective. To allow customers to engage with the product to lead to more sales.
We are event specialists. We have a quality team to design and think of a format for organizing activities. We focus on providing quality service. different with design and creative activities

We provide local media services. Helps increase brand awareness channels to reach local consumers through the installation of various media such as POSM, guerrilla signs, banners, community-based mobile media

Data analytics service including the use of applications to store data To use the data for analysis in brand development and marketing. for cost-effectiveness and effective cost management

Service in design and production of premium souvenirs, packaging to meet the needs of customers.

We provide transportation management services. both storage Check stock, check and track products. to transport them to their destinations efficiently. Including travel services such as air ticket booking services, hotels, airport transfers and managing travel plans both domestically and internationally
Online marketing has played a greater role with consumers. The online channel is another channel to increase efficiency, support and develop your business towards its goals in the future. We offer online activities. We have in-house software and application developers to take care of your digital needs.
51/859 Soi Nuanchan 34,
Nuanchan, Buengkum, Bangkok 10230

Tel : +66 (0) 2 118 3999
Fax : +66 (0) 2 118 2406
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